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Filter Separators

STREAMTEK's Filter Separators remove water, dirt and rust from your compressed air system. They will prevent contaminants from damaging or plugging up your compressed air-operated products.

All Filter Separators incorporate an automatic Drain Filter, metal bowl and a 5 micron filter element. When the bowl becomes full, an internal float will automatically activate the drain. The block head design with integrated mounting holes eliminates costly mounting plates and adapters, making our Filter Separators easier to use and install.

Model FTR014-2 & FTR038-1

Filter Separators Model FTR014-2 & FTR038-1

Model FTR012-2

Filter Separators Model FTR012-2

Model FTR034-1 & FTR100-1

Filter Separators Model FTR034-1 & FTR100-1

Filter Separators
Model # Description Price (USD)  
FTR014-2 1/4" NPT Auto Drain Filter, 43 SCFM $72.00
FTR038-1 3/8" NPT Auto Drain Filter, 75 SCFM $72.00
FTR012-2 1/2" NPT Auto Drain Filter, 100 SCFM $101.00
FTR034-1 3/4" NPT Auto Drain Filter, 230 SCFM $131.00
FTR100-1 1" NPT Auto Drain Filter, 300 SCFM $240.00

NOTE: Filter Separators sold by our fellow competitors will work with ALL STREAMTEK products! Please contact an Application Engineer if you wish to confirm compatibility.