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Oil Removal Filters

STREAMTEK's Oil Removal Filters remove oil particulate that is commonly found in many compressed air systems. To trap submicron particles, a .03 micron element is used. The automatic float activates the drain when full.

Model OIL014-1 & OIL038-1

Model OIL034-1

Oil Removal Filters
Model # Description Price (USD)  
OIL014-1 1/4" NPT Auto Drain Filter, 24 SCFM $104.00
OIL038-1 3/8" NPT Auto Drain Filter, 37 SCFM $131.00
OIL034-1 3/4" NPT Auto Drain Filter, 180 SCFM $180.00

NOTE: Oil Removal Filters sold by our fellow competitors will work with ALL STREAMTEK products! Please contact an Application Engineer if you wish to confirm compatibility.