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STREAMTEK carries a wide variety of Manual Valves, Check Valves and a Foot Pedal Valve. Both the Manual Valves & Foot Pedal Valve connect in-line with your compressed air supply to provide instant manual ON/OFF control of your STREAMTEK compressed air-operated products.

Manual Valves
Foot Pedal Valve
Check Valves
Model # Description Price (USD)  
VLV014-1 1/4" NPT, Manual Valve $15.30
VLV038-1 3/8" NPT, Manual Valve $17.10
VLV012-1 1/2" NPT, Manual Valve $26.10
VLV100-1 1" NPT, Manual Valve $37.80
VLVFTP-1 Foot Pedal Valve, 1/4" NPT $145.00
CV-014 1/4" NPTF Check Valve $17.00
CV-038 3/8" NPTF Check Valve $21.00
CV-012 1/2" NPTF Check Valve $29.50

The Check Valves are used in to permit free flow of air in on direction and prevent the flow in the opposite direction. Each check valve is clearly marked with a direction arrow to prevent accidental misconnection.