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Automotive Industry

STREAMTEK has precision engineered Air Knife Solutions for use in almost every aspect of the automotive manufacturing industry. Production speeds, automation, improving quality, and focusing more on environmental stewardship is constantly on the increase.

The need to remove liquids used in cooling, machining, cleaning, static elimination as well as exhaust ventilating systems has never been higher. Our compressed air products is your solution to drying, blow-off, static control, etc.


< 360° Blow-Off (Extruded Profiles)

The 3" Air Wipe System (Model No. RB003A)is used to blow-off excess water from an extruded plastic profile. The split design of STREAMTEK's Air Wipe unlatches easily to eliminate tedious threading. The circular flow of air from the air wipe gives a forceful, even flow that circles the extruded profile, completely removing water/dirt/etc.

Band Sawing >

(Model No. TC002) Tool Cooler eliminates liquid coolant in the cutting of bar stock. The cold air stops premature dulling and prolongs blade life. <Top>


< Blow-Off Car Bodies

A group of Advanced Air Knives blow-off any contaminants prior to final paint process as car bodies move down the assembly line. There are no interruptions or 'dead spots', this means that all surfaces are dried/cleaned! <Top>

Blow-Off Extruded Trim >

To blow excess water off extruded automotive trim, a 2" Air Wipe System (Model – RB002A) is used. The Air Wipe System amplifies air at a 25:1 ratio, providing a 360 degree high air flow for adequate water removal inside the grooves on all sides of the extruded trim. With no moving parts, maintenance is now a thing of the past. <Top>


< Boosting Vacuum System

Negating the need for a more expensive and much larger system to remove the grinding dust, a 2-1/2" Adjustable Air Amplifier (Model – SAM212A) is added to boost the vacuum system by ~325 SCFM. <Top>

Chip/Scrap Removal >

The Large Advanced Air Nozzle (Model - NZ00L) at a 25:1 air amplification ratio easily provides the cleaning power for a standard factory air gun! In addition, it meets OSHA requirements for noise limits and dead-end pressure. <Top>


< Conveying Plastic Granules

The (Model No. SV112A) 1-1/2" Air Conveyor is used to convey Plastic Granules from one end of the operation to another, reducing handling time dramatically! The Granules are literally shot straight up (25ft), and then through an additional 65ft of horizontal pipe to the gravity feed hopper on an extruder. <Top>

Cooling Muffler Pipe >

The 2" Adjustable Air Amplifier (Model - SAM002A) cools muffler parts on the conveyor.  The customer previously used water to cool and then blow-off, but the shear cost to recycle the water had become a concern. The use of the Air Amplifier also allowed the reduction in conveyor length by a whopping 15%, as space was at a premium! <Top>


< Fill/Empty Machine Sump

(Model No. DS02S) Reversible Drum Storm fills or empties machine sumps quickly and easily. In addition, the spill recovery kit included with the Drum Storm provides fast cleanup of messy spills! <Top>

Hopper Loading >

A Stainless Steel 1-1/4" Air Conveyor (Model No. SV114S)is used to load the hopper of an injection moulding machine. The installation of an automatic loading system would have been too costly for the specific process. The previous method included the resin being manually loaded, which was an extremely inefficient use of manpower. Many of our customers are machine builders who utilize the STREAMTEK™ Air Conveyor as part of automatic systems for loading. <Top>


< Removing Mist/Fumes/Etc.

A 1-1/4" Adjustable Air Amplifier (Model - SAM114A) removes the oily mist from machining operations. This prevented the mist from escaping into the surrounding environment! Eliminating the need for electricity, the unit's small compact size makes it ideal to mount inside the machine for optimal performance. <Top>