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Beverage Industry: Bottling

Both bottling and canned beverages are quickly becoming a cut throat market; the physical appearance of the packaging is just as important as the quality of the delicious drink within. STREAMTEK is known as the industry leader in low-cost affordable Air Knife Systems guaranteed to not let the water used in your packaging process compromise your package and labeling.

STREAMTEK guarantees that your problems with moisture will be a thing of the past when dealing with crown drying, sleeve labeling, ink jet coding, cardboard packaging, shrink wrapping, paper or APL roll fed labeling, safety sealing, etc.

Regular Air Knife for Blow-Off Bottling Application

Blow-Off Bottling Application

Two (2) Model AE12SDS-1 Stainless Steel (Type 303) Regular Air Knives are used to blow-off liquid from 1 Litre soda bottles. With the elimination of water, the labels are now able to properly adhere. Before installation of the Air Knives, customer estimated they wasted 3 - 5% of their labels. At thousands of bottles per day, this cost can quickly add up.

Conveying Bottle Caps

A stainless steel 1-1/2" Air Conveyor Model SV112TA is used to convey plastic bottle caps to the hopper. Previously the caps were loaded manually which was an inefficient use of manpower, and the installation of a complete automatic loading system was deemed unnecessary and too costly for the particular process.

air conveyor for Conveying Bottle Caps
reversible drum storm for Fluid Transfer

Fluid Transfer

Model DS02S Reversible Drum Storm is able to deliver liquid filled drums to the point of use and fill the machines directly from the drum, eliminating the possibility of spillage onto the ground. <Top>