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FAQs: Advanced Ion Air Knife

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to our compressed air-operated static eliminator air knife. If you need additional help with your application and/or can't find an answer to your question, please call our factory at 1-705-770-4455 or email an Application Engineer at support@stream-tek.com.

      1. Where should the Ion Bar be positioned in my application?

      Your Advanced Ion Air Knife should be placed shortly before the area of the process where the static field is creating problems, typically 5 to 10 inches. In some situations, multiple ionizers on a single process may be nescessary due to static regeneration that can occur.

      If the application is cleaning, the Advanced Ion Air Knife should be installed just before packaging or finishing operations.

        2. Can i duct the ionized air?
        Though ducted STREAMTEK ionizers have been OK in situations where diminished performance was acceptable, we do not recommend ducting due to the air turbulance & recombination of ions.
        3. After removing our static charge with your Advanced Ion Air Knife, could the static charge come back?
        If the material or parts experience friction where it rubs against another surface, a new static charge could be created.
        4. How do you mount the Ionizing Air Knife?
        Rigid compressed air supply pipe will easily support the Air Knife. In addition, there are multiple 1/4-20 mounting holes on the back of the Advanced Ion Air Knife.