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STREAMTEK brings to you an air amplifier range that makes all your big air handling jobs a breeze. Using a small amount of compressed air, our amplifiers are economical solutions compared to other air amplifiers available in the market. You can use them either open or ducted, the same way you would use a vacuum system, blower, or fan for various jobs. This ranges from handling dust, smoke, fumes or granular, light materials to other stringy material. At STREAMTEK, you would find them in two varieties.

Adjustable Air Amplifier

The Adjustable Air Amplifier is ideal for removing fumes, smoke, and light materials. Since the Air Amplifier moves large volumes of air using only a small amount of compressed air, they are economical to operate. The Amplifier increases airflow up to 25:1 at the outlet.

Hi-Temp Adjustable Air Amplifier

The STREAMTEK Hi-Temp Adjustable Air Amplifier is ideal for moving hot air to surfaces which require uniform heating while in a furnace or oven. They are typically used as exhausters. The Amplifier is made up of 316 Stainless Steel and can withstand up to 700°F.

The STREAMTEK Corp Advantage:

Streamtek has been the preferred choice of many customers who are looking for economical air handling solutions. Why? Because our air amplifiers are designed to employ ambient air by using very small amounts of compressed air for: high volume and high velocity flow of outlet. The other advantages of Streamtek’s air amplifier include:

  • No moving parts for low/no maintenance
  • No cost on electricity, as source of energy
  • Easy flow, vacuum and velocity control
  • Full-fledged control of outlet flow by opening/closing the air gap
  • Regulation of air pressure to decrease outlet flow
  • Ducting of air flow possible to draw fresh air and discharge stale smoke and fumes away
  • Reduced cycle times for cooling aluminum castings

Apart from all these qualities, our Air Amplifiers are known to emit less noise, without compromising their performance quotient (they have the capacity to offer output that is 25 times more than their consumption rate). You can order them online, with instant assistance from our customer care team. Order one today for economic and efficient air handling needs.