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Air Operated Conveyors: Non-Threaded

What is an Air Conveyor System?
The Air Conveyor simply uses compressed air to move items or media! The compressed air is injected into the Air Conveyor using a standard NPT fitting, this in turn creates a vacuum like effect at one end and at the other a high output flow. The Air Conveyor system can transport all types of solids in large volumes over great distances, all with absolutely no moving parts. This pneumatic conveying system is available up to 3" (76mm) in size.

Which Air Conveyor will best suit my needs?
Our Air Conveyor is a fast, low-cost way to convey Plastic Pellets, Chips, Sawdust, Shavings, Food Products, Bulk Solids, Scrap Trim, Textiles, Granules, Small Parts, and so much more! Generally there are 4 types of criteria to look for when selecting the proper model: the diameter of parts being conveyed, the rate (weight or volume), the material; Stainless Steel or Aluminum, and finally the diameter of the hose and/or tube that is used. Below is a quick comparison chart of what we offer.

Air Conveyor Comparison
Temperature Rating Corrosion Rating
Aluminum Air Conveyor 272°F (133°C) Good
Stainless Steel Air Conveyor 403°F (206°C) Excellent
High Temperature Stainless Steel Air Conveyor 956°F (513°C) Excellent

Non-Threaded Air Coveyors Left side view

Non-Threaded Air Coveyors Right side view