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APPLICATIONS: Threaded Air Conveyor

STREAMTEK products use innovative compressed air technologies to improve productivity, increase equipment efficiency and deliver enclosure and spot cooling, conveying, and blow-off. If you don't find a solution and/or idea for your application, or if you want additional details, call our factory at 1-705-770-4455 or email an Application Engineer at support@stream-tek.com.


  • Convey everything from screws, bolts, nuts, ball bearings, to metal & plastic parts for machinery.
  • Loading/Unloading caps with bottle filling lines.
  • Move everything from bulk candy, caps, lids, dried food, to fill or empty packaging material.
  • Get rid' of those expensive high maintenance blower systems and convey all kinds of items from metal and plastic parts to material used for shipping.
  • Trim removal in paper productions and changing applications.
  • Convey capsules, pills, lids, bottles, and tablets.

  • No moving parts
  • No electricity is used
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Longer life than traditional blower systems
  • Simple and easy control of flow material
  • Instantaneous response
  • No explosion hazard
  • Ease of use

Application Examples from our Customers!

Powder Distribution

Application: Blow

By using our Model SV300S (3" Non-Threaded Stainless Steel Air Conveyor) a ceramics company was able to evenly coat their products with a very fine powder. How was this done? They dumped the powder into the air conveyor which instantly set the powder airborne and onto the surface of products. The previous mechanical system in-place proved to be inefficient and wasn’t able to achieve such even powder distribution.

Scrap/Chip Control

Application: Convey

Anyone with knowledge of CNC machines know that the single most important aspect of drilling aluminum on CNC Mil is the proper removal of chips/scrap that can build-up on parts and tools. This build-up will often lead to premature tool breakage, which in-turn will waste material & money. By using Model SV100A (1" Non-Threaded Aluminum Air Conveyor), you can capture the chips/scrap as they are generated and convey them to a holding bin.

Cleaning Grease Nipple

Application: Vacuum

A luxury automotive facility in Bavaria, Germany applies grease to multiple components before assembling. Overtime a blob of grease would build on the tip of the grease gun and eventually fall off, causing defects in painted surfaces. By using Model SV034A (3/4" Non-Threaded Aluminum Air Conveyor) in conjunction with a solenoid valve & timer, the manual labour of wiping off the grease tip was eliminated. Since the entire process is automated, this step will never be missed again; thus saving $$$!

Convey Cabbage Shreds

Application: Convey

This company packages a wide variety of vegetables. The constant operation of having personnel manually fill the hopper loaders was extremely labour intensive! The Model SV200S (2" Non-Threaded Stainless Steel Air Conveyor) was able to transfer the shredded cabbage to the hopper, thus saving the customer thousands of dollars labour.

Inflating Balloons

Application: Blow

Provide an amplified air flow to quickly inflate balloon(s) using Model SV100A (1" Non-Threaded Air Conveyor). The air conveyor is designed in such a way that pressure levels are often below that of balloon.

Conveying Desiccant Beads

Application: Filling / Convey

A customer had to manually fill on average 500 to 4,500 pounds of desiccant beads. Using Model SV200A (2" Non-Threaded Air Conveyor), he was able to fill the air dryers directly from his super sacks.

Vacuum Holding

Application: Vacuum

A paperclip manufacturer had built a machine that folds paperclips and dumps them into a lightweight cardboard box. Using the Model SV114 (1-1/4" Non-Threaded Aluminum Air Conveyor), the customer was able to hold the lightweight cardboard liners in-place while filling with paperclips. Previous methods which involved the use of an electrical vacuum proved to be very expensive, due to the constant on/off operations which quickly killed the motor(s)

Conveying Scrap Paper

Application: Scrap/Trim Removal

A German company that manufactures automotive aftermarket rims, including shift knobs and license plate covers needed a way to remove the paper backing from the product labels after they were applied to the final packaging. The clients were able to use our model SV212A (2-1/2" Non-Threaded Aluminum Air Conveyor) operating system at just 40 PSIG to convey the scrap paper backing back to the holding barrel ~35ft away

Applying Sugar Crystals to Cubic Chewing Gum

Application: Convey

A Chinese snack food producer used Model SV114TS (1-1/4" Threaded Stainless Steel Air Conveyor) to convey sugar crystals to a hoper which is used to add the sugar crystals to the chewing gum cubs.

Conveying Hydraulic Seals

Application: Convey

One of our clients manufactures Hydraulic Hose Assemblies. These are designed to convey hydraulic fluid to or among hydraulic components, actuators, valves and tools. They are trying to avoid as much handling as possible of the hydraulic seals. The Model SV114TA (1-1/4 Threaded Aluminum Air Conveyor) was able to effectively replace the tedious work of manually filling the batch bags into the final package.

Conveying small thread scraps

Application: Convey

A clients company manufactures race car seats for car enthusiasts around the world. They needed a way to transport large amounts of very small pieces of thread leftover from stitching operations. A Model SV100TA (1" Threaded Aluminum Air Conveyor) was used with 0.75" ID flexible hose, over a total distance of 45 feet vertical and 40 feet horizontal.

Removal of Dirt, Rock and Gravel combination

Application: Convey

A large construction company in the suburbs of New York was in dire need to clean up their massive piles of dirt, rock and gravel all mixed together. STREAMTEK recommend a Model SV300S (3" Non-Threaded Stainless Steel Air Conveyor) with its internal generating unit ‘beefed up’ to allow for this more heavy duty type application. Competitors often refer to this as a 'Heavy Duty' Air Conveyor. Our customer was so impressed with its performance; he later had 4 more units implemented into his systems across the US.