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Advanced Air Knife

What is an Air Knife System?
Air Knife Systems utilize compressed air for industrial applications. The curtain like airflow of the Air Knife (air curtain) is used to: dry, clean, remove excess oils, liquids and dust from your application. The Air Knife may also be used for: printing and labeling, part or component cooling, converting and packaging, films and laminating, form and fill, sheet and web materials, bag opening/fill operations, conveying, food processing and paint preparation.

Advanced Air Knife Comparison
Temperature Rating Corrosion Rating
Aluminum Advanced Air Knife 275°F (135°C) Good
Stainless Steel (Type 303) Advanced Air Knife 400°F (204°C) Excellent
*Stainless Steel (Type 316) Advanced Air Knife
800°F (427°C) Excellent
*Available upon special request

The Advanced Air Knife provides the best performance with a 40:1 air amplification ratio, making it the most efficient. Air consumption is ~2.9 SCFM per inch at 80 PSIG. The Advanced Air Knife is normally the best choice due to its lower noise levels and less air consumption than the Regular Air Knife at the same pressure.

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