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Reduce both noise levels and excessive air consumption for various compressed air blow-off operations. STREAMTEK Air Jets and Nozzles produce air flows up to 25x the compressed air consumed.

Open copper tubes or pipe nipples consume astronomical amounts of compressed air! The air savings with STREAMTEK Air Jets and Nozzles can be as high as 80%. All STREAMTEK Air Nozzles and Air Jets Meet OSHA noise and dead-end pressure requirements.

The High Velocity Air Jet (also known as 'High Force Air Jet'), provides adjustable maximum thrust with a confined, directed airflow. This High Velocity high force Air Jet is an ideal choice for chip removal, part ejection and/or part drying.

The High Flow Air Jet provides maximum airflow with a wider airstream than that of the High Velocity Air Jet. Best choice for light blow-off and cooling applications.

The STREAMTEK Air Nozzle is used when a smaller area needs to be hit with amplified air. Available in either 1/8" or 1/4" male NPT connection, they are ideal for moving objects and for most blow-off applications involving liquids. Air Jets on the other hand (above) are larger than nozzles and are used when a wider area needs to be hit with the amplified air.