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Air Nozzles

What is an Air Nozzle?
An Air Nozzle is a simple low cost solution to diminish noise levels and more importantly save you money by reducing excessive air consumption on compressed air blowoff operations. They are ideal for anything from multi-unit nozzle manifolds for conveyorized products of transfer lines to your standard hand-held blowoff gun.

Why Air Nozzles?
Air Nozzles OSHA RequirementsReplace open copper tubes, pipes and plastic nozzles with STREAMTEK Air Nozzles and compressed air savings can be as high as 80%! The less compressed air that is used essentially means less noise. Noise reduction up to 10-15 dBA is typical. Ohh and yes, did we mention that our Air Nozzles meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) maximum dead ended pressure requirements?

Did you know?
Air Nozzles Copper TubeA 1/4" (6mm) open ended copper tube will output up to approximately 40 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) – 1133 SLPM! This is equivalent to the total output of an 8-12 horsepower air compressor. The static pressure requirements set by OSHA will be compromised when the supply pressure of an open pipe, tube and/or drilled holes surpasses 30 PSIG (2 BAR). In addition, the noise levels will often reach well above 95 dBA. STREAMTEK Air Nozzles & Air Jets address all of these issues!