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Cabinet Panel Coolers

Cabinet Panel Cooling with Panel Enclosure Coolers

STREAMTEK™ Corp shares your concerns about maintaining a clean environment and consistent temperatures in electronic control panel cabinets. Our high-performance, competitively priced Cabinet Panel Cooler is a solution to these very concerns. The cabinet panel cooler incorporates STREAMTEK's™ reliable Vortex Tube to purge as it cools electronic and electrical enclosures. The filtered air that enters your electronic control panel cabinets is up to 45°F colder than the compressed air supply.

A relief valve built into the cabinet panel cooler eliminates hot air from the cabinet even as the cooler simultaneously supplies clean, cold air to keep your systems working as intended. Our Panel Enclosure Coolers are ideal for all NEMA 4/4X (IP56) and NEMA 12 (IP52) rated panels. These cabinet panel coolers mount in minutes through a standard knockout.

How to Determine Size Requirements of the Cabinet Enclosure Cooler

1. Determine the watts of heat generated inside the enclosure.
Watts x 3.41 = (W) Btu/hr.

2. Determine the area in square feet that is exposed to the air, not including the top of the cabinet.
[ 2 x {Width} + 2 x {Depth} ] {Height} = (S) Square feet of cabinet

3.Determine the temperature difference between the desired internal temperature and the maximum expected external temperature. Now you can use the below chart to determine the Btu/hr./sq. ft., for this differential (B).

Difference (°F)
Btu/hr./sq. ft.
5 1.5
10 3.3
15 5.1
20 7.1
25 9.1
30 11.3
35 13.8
40 16.2
Cabinet Panel Coolers vortex tube

4. Determine the external heat load (H).
(S) x (B) = (H) Btu/hr.

5. Now take (W) and add (H) to get the total heat load or Btu/hr. refrigeration required to maintain desired temperature and choose the correct one using the chart below.

What Makes STREAMTEK™ Cabinet Panel Coolers Unique?

As is the case with all our other products, STREAMTEK™ Cabinet Panel Coolers are designed for a long service life under the most strenuous conditions. The cabinet panel cooler is made of high-grade Type 303 stainless steel that provides the best cold temperature drop. You will also appreciate that our Cabinet Panel Coolers are corrosion proof and long lasting.

Here are some key differentiators of the STREAMTEK™ Cabinet Panel Coolers:

  • They are incredibly easy to install and can be mounted on all enclosure types. Any unit can be customized to suit customer specifications.
  • STREAMTEK™ cabinet panel coolers are capable of stabilizing humidity that can otherwise lead to operational problems in a cabinet. Coolers are equipped with a 5 micron dirt and water filter to further maintain a clean environment in cabinet panels.
  • A single unit has a capacity to produce 550 - 2,800 BTU/Hr. We also offer dual cooler units with a higher cooling capacity of 3,600 - 5,600 BTU/Hr.
  • Stringently manufactured and rigorously tested to withstand all kinds of wet and harsh corrosive adverse work settings.

Original Accessories – The Efficiency Enhancers

The performance of our cabinet panel cooler range is accentuated with our range of ancillary original accessories that include thermostat, closed solenoids, cold air distribution kit that consists of flexible vinyl tubing, adhesive backed clips, and end plug, and panel cooler side mount kits. Other general accessories used in conjunction with our or competitors’ cabinet panel cooler range include filter separators, pressure regulators, oil removal filters, valves, and compressed air hose.

Advantages of Using STREAMTEK™ Cabinet panel cooler

Our Cabinet Panel Coolers make innovative use of compressed air technology to help you save power and take your productivity from good to great. When you use our cabinet panel coolers in spot cooling, conveying, and blow-off operations, you stand to benefit from the following advantages:

  • Quiet and affordable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fast Installation
  • No moving parts
  • Compact/lightweight
  • No fans or filters
  • No CFC's
  • Mounts through standard knockout
  • Stabilize temperature/humidity

Key Applications and Industries Served

The STREAMTEK™ Cabinet Panel Cooler range has a proven track record in industrial and commercial applications ranging from cooling electronic controls, machining operations, soldered parts, gas samples, heat seals, electronic component, environmental chambers, setting hot metals and so on. Our cabinet panel cooler range is extensively used in the fabrication and metalworking industry, electronics and telecommunication industry, machining centers, chemical processing plants, food and beverage sector, and so on.

Let Us Help You

For assistance with application engineering, call our factory at 1-705-770-4455 or email an Application Engineer at support@stream-tek.com. With round-the-clock customer support in USA, Canada, and Europe, STREAMTEK™ representatives can give you a feasible recommendation within 12 hours.