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SPECIFICATIONS: Cabinet Panel Coolers

The STREAMTEK™ Cabinet Panel Cooler must be vertically mounted, on a flat surface for all enclosure types. The STREAMTEK™ Cabinet Panel Cooler system is easy to install through a 1-1/8" diameter drilled hole or electrical knockout.

It's important to close off any openings and any vents that may bring in ambient air, especially in warm/hot or high humidity environments. The relative humidity inside the enclosure stabilizes at 45% for all continuous operating Cabinet Panel Coolers.

All STREAMTEK™ Cabinet Panel Cooler systems include an auto drain 5 micron dirt and water filter. This filter is imperative to prevent any accidental water flow into the enclosure. If oil is present in the compressed air supply, use an oil filter within at least .3 micron rating.

Environmental Considerations

NEMA 4/4X (IP56) - Designed for Electronic Control Panels - Splash resistant, oil-tight, and dust-tight for use in wash down environments as well as outdoor use. When the Vortex Tube Panel Cooler is not operating, a low pressure relief valve closes and seals to maintain the integrity of your NEMA 4 cabinet enclosure. It is constructed of Stainless Steel (Type 303) for long life in wet environments.

NEMA 12 (IP52) - Cabinet Panel Coolers (oil-tight, dust-tight) are used in industrial environments where no liquids can come into contact with the unit. It is constructed of Stainless Steel (Type 303) to withstand harsh corrosive environments.

Model No. Capacity Btu/hr. Capacity Kcal/hr. Air Consumption SCFM @ 80 PSI Air Consumption
SLPM @ 5.5 Bar
Sound Level
CC1208-1 550 139 8 226 67*
CC1215-1 1,100 277 15 425 73*
CC1225-1 1,800 454 25 708 74*
CC1230-1 2,060 519 30 849 74*
CC1240-1 2,800 706 40 1,132 79*
CC1250-1 3,400 857 50 1,415 74*
CC1260-1 4,000 1,007 60 1,698 76*
CC1270-1 4,800 1,209 70 1,981 76*
CC1280-1 5,600 1,411 80 2,264 77*
*With Optional Cold Muffler installed