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FAQs: Reversible Drum Storm

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to our Two-Way Liquid Drum Pump System (Drum Storm). If you need additional help with your application and/or can't find an answer to your question, please call our factory at 1-705-770-4455 or email an Application Engineer at support@stream-tek.com.

      1. Can I purchase a Reversible Drum Storm with an extended hose?
      Yes. Our standard hoses are available in 10' and 20' lengths. Custom lengths of PVC hoses are also available by special order. Since the Drum Storm is designed for use with a 10' hose, longer hose lengths will affect performance depending on the application.
      2. Why can't I use the Drum Storm on material with a low flash point?
    The Drum Storm unit has the potential to produce a static charge which can spawn from the media being transported.
      3. What viscosity of fluid can the Drum Storm move?

      The Reversible Drum Storm can move anything from water right up to motor oil. Below are pumping rates of various viscosity's of fluids with an 80 PSIG inlet pressure.

      • Water ~40 gallons per minute
      • Hydraulic Oil ~11 gallons per minute
      • 15W40 Motor Oil ~7 gallons per minute
      4. What's the vertical lift the Drum Storm can produce?
      Approximately 9-1/2 feet @ 80 PSIG inlet pressure.
      5. Can the drum become over pressurized?
      No. The risk of over-pressurization is eliminated by a relief valve build into the Drum Storm unit.
      6. Does the Reversible Drum Storm require regular maintenance?
      The Drum Storm is constructed of type 303 stainless steel and has no moving parts inside except for the adjusting knob. To clean, simply immerse the entire unit in a solvent cleaner or mild degreaser.