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STATIC ELIMINATOR: Industrial Static Control

What is a Static Eliminator?

A static eliminator, as the name implies is a device or tool that is used to neutralize and restore the electrical balance in a wide range of industrial applications like cleaning dust and getting rid of materials that stick to products. You can also do away with unwarranted accidents from hazardous shocks and sparks that are generated due to static charges.

STREAMTEK Static Eliminators vs. Others

The STREAMTEK static eliminator range is precision designed to neutralize the static electricity charges that can occur in various industrial appliances. Our Anti-static product line will effectively eliminate static cling that causes dust attraction and costly downtime from materials tearing, curling or jamming.

Please choose one of the below Static Control Ion Air Knife products to suit your application requirement:

Regular Ion Air Knife static elimination

The STREAMTEK Regular Ion Air Knife is one of the most sought after static eliminators today. It is designed to eliminate static electricity from sheet stock, webs, packaging, printing, and plastic surfaces where dust, jamming, tearing, or hazardous shocks could be an issue.

Advanced Ion Air Knife static eliminator

STREAMTEK's Advanced Ion Air Knife eliminates static electricity that is created from plastics, sheet stock, webs and various other product surfaces where hazardous shocks, tearing or jamming pose a problem.

static elimination ionizing bar

Our Ionizing Bar is a shock-less superior performing ionization static elimination bar which is both rugged & compact in design. It delivers highly positive (+) and negative (-) ion output in cramped quarters.

static eliminator ion air gun

STREAMTEK's Ionizing Air Gun removes static, dust and contaminants from three-dimensions parts prior to packaging, finishing, painting and/or assembly. It's lightweight, easy-to-use and is rugged enough to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Order Streamtek Static Eliminators Online

The Streamtek static eliminators are known as cost effective solutions for proper handling of all kinds of static electricity related problems. As a part of our commitment to offer superior services along with world class products, we have made easy availability of our products, online. Yes, you can now select any of our static eliminators and order them right from the comforts of your home or office. We ensure that you get your order in the shortest turnaround time with the lowest possible expenditure.