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ACCESSORIES: Ionizing Ion Bars

STREAMTEK has a wide variety of Accessories for use with our market-leading durable and compact design static eliminator ionizing Ion Bar! Already using a competitor's power supply? The STREAMTEK Power Supply is compatible with most power supplies, from 4 Kilovolts to 8 Kilovolts. Contact our factory at 1-705-770-4455 or email support@stream-tek.com to confirm compatibility.

Ionizing Accessories
  Model # Description Price (USD)  
Power Supply - 2 outlets PS120E 2 Output Power Supply (115V, 50/60 Hz) $287.50
PS220E 2 Output Power Supply (220V, 50/60 Hz) $293.25
Power Cable PSCBL-05 5ft Power Cable $50.00
PSCBL-15 15ft Power Cable $65.00
PSCBL-20 20ft Power Cable $85.00
PSCBL-30 30ft Power Cable $105.00
    *Must be ordered at time of Ion Bar(s) purchase! At this time, the 10ft power cable that's included with our Ion Bars can NOT be extended.    
Digital Static Meter /w LCD Readout 7905 Digital Static Meter /w LCD Readout
Includes: Carrying Case
AC Sensor SC-ACSN AC Sensor $39.95