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Ideal for OEM Equipment and Replacement of Ineffective Bars

STREAMTEKS high performance bar utilizes advanced electro-static technology to eliminate costly static electricity problems. Compatible with most power supplies, from 4 Kilovolts to 8 Kilovolts, STREAMTEK Ionizing Bars effectively eliminates positive and negative static charges that interfere with product quality and production speeds, while decreasing downtime and rejects.

static eliminator ion bars static eliminator ionizing bars
(Stay-sharp emitters)
(T-Bar Mounting)

Other Advantages and Features are:

- Delivers high positive and negative ion output with an effective static eliminator range of 7 inches or greater from target source; without being paired with our award winning Air Knife!

- Compact design allows for operation in areas where space is limited.

- Durable bar constructed of industrial grade extruded plastic with an overlay.

- Stay-Sharp emitters. No deterioration in performance due to emitter erosion. Emitters at 3/8" pitch for intense field of ionization, allowing the bar to be operated at lower voltage with increase safety and reliability.

- Integrated mounting connected. In-line attachable.

- Economical to operate. Easy to install and maintain. Long lasting.

- Uses STREAMTEK's high quality power supply, which can run two bars from multiple machine installations..

- High effectiveness for Packaging Machines, Printers, Converting, Extruding, and Material Handling operations.