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Regular Ion Air Knife: Static Eliminator

Static Eliminator
A static charge causes a great deal of issues, such as:

  • Product clinging to rollers, itself, frames or machine beds
  • Dust sticking to product
  • Materials curling, jamming, or tearing
  • Sheet Feeding

STREAMTEK's shockless ionizers are powered by electricity and output a bulk of positive and negative ions to the surface of your charged product(s) to neutralize and restore the electrical balance.

Anti-Static Eliminator air knife Static Control eliminator air knife
Eliminate static & dust!

Neutralize & clan at distances upwards of 20 feet!

What is a Regular Ion Air Knife?
The STREAMTEK Regular Ion Air Knife is designed to eliminate static electricity from sheet stock, webs, packaging, printing, and plastic surfaces where dust, jamming, tearing, or hazardous shocks could be an issue.

Why the Regular Ion Air Knife?
If noise levels and compressed air consumption is not a concern, the lower cost proves the Regular Ionizing Air Knife to be ideal. Units can be mounted end to end for longer lengths with no air gap; unlike some competitor models.

The Advanced Ion Air Knife on the other hand consumes less compressed air, operates at under 50dBA for most applications, but is higher in price.

Static Meter air knifeNeed help finding where your static electricity is spawning from? STREAMTEK's easy one-hand Digital Static Meter (Model 7905) quickly determines the source of the static problem. Static Control has never been easier!