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SPECIFICATIONS: Tool Cooler / Cold Gun System

Use and Selection of your Tool Cooler:

The Single Point Tool Coolers should be used where a concentrated airflow is needed such as in grinding & drilling. The Dual Point versions are typically used in applications where the heat is generated over a large surface area such as in milling, sawing, chill rolls or application of hot melt adhesives.

Controlling the Cold Air:

The STREAMTEK Tool Cooler Cold Gun System provides instant cold air! A solenoid valve (Model SLD00-1) is an excellent way to turn the compressed air supply to the Cold Gun system on-off as it is needed, which in turn conserves compressed air usage. A Manual Shutoff Valve (Model VLV014-1) can also be used to cycle on and off.

The Compressed Air Supply:

The Tool Cooler Cold Gun System is engineered to use compressed air supply of 80-100 PSIG (5.5 to 6.9 BAR). If lower input pressures are given, both temperature drop and flow will be reduced. A clean dry source of compressed air is imperative in the operation of the STREAMTEK Vortex Tube Tool Cooler.

Tool Cooler Specifications
Model No. Pressure Supply Air Consumption PSIG
Regular Tool Coolers TC015S, T015D 100 6.9 15 425 72
Advanced Tool Cooler TC030S, TC030D 100 6.9 30 850 83