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STREAMTEK Vortex Tube products use innovative compressed air technologies to improve productivity, increase equipment efficiency and deliver enclosure and spot cooling, conveying, and blow-off. If you don't find a solution and/or idea for your application, or if you want additional details, call our factory at 1-705-770-4455 or email an Application Engineer at support@stream-tek.com.


  • Cooling electronic controls
  • Cooling machining operations
  • Setting hot melts
  • Cooling soldered parts
  • Cooling gas samples
  • Electronic component cooling
  • Cooling heat seals
  • Cooling environmental chambers

  • Maintenance free (No moving parts)
  • Cools without costly electricity or refrigerants
  • Reliable, compact and lightweight
  • Low cost application
  • Durable - Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Instant cold air

Application Examples from our Customers!

Vortex Tube Keeps Module Cold

Application: Cooling

A local laboratory is performing various tests on the mechanical properties of select materials. Most of these materials are needed to be cooled to -2 Celsius. The customer ultimately choose a Model 7530 (Stainless Steel Air Conveyor) for their cooling requirements. The customer now no longer has to use costly liquid C02 to cool their material and chambers! The Vortex Tube will produce just under 2100 Btu/hr of cooling capacity within the test enclosures.

Keeping Camera Lens Clear and Cool

Application: Cooling

A customer in Asia had multiple Boroscope lenses that needed to be kept cool and clear while being inserted into a 1150 Fahrenheit boiler porthole. After successfully using multiple competitive products, they decided to go with the more affordable STREAMTEK Model 7508 'One-Piece Stainless Steel Vortex Tube moving forward. That’s right! The STREAMTEK Vortex Tube is a one-piece unit with no welded weak point where the cold end meets the smaller diameter hot end tube.

Cooling a Motor

Application: Cooling

An industry leading company manufactures electrically powered blower motors. Many of their customers had no choice but to enclose these blowers in enclosures in order to protect the costly blower from external elements. By installing Model 7515 (Stainless Steel Vortex Tube) directly inside the housing of the motor, heat build-up was quickly reduced and thus eliminated downtime due to past motor failure.

Cooling Turn Rolls

Application: Cooling

In today’s hot rolling mills, realizing the promised longevity of high speed steel rolls depends on one’s ability to successfully implement a system to keep their rolls cool. If these rolls are not kept cool, the ability to maintain product shape and eliminate surface defects is quickly compromised. Rick (our customer) naturally came to STREAMTEK for an affordable solution that wouldn’t break the bank. We were able to put together a system to blow refrigerated air through the inside of the customers turn rolls with our low cost Model 7530-A Vortex Tube.

Speeding up Cycle Time

Application: Cooling

A manufacturer in Mexico produces molded plastic pedals for bicycles and needed help in finding a solution to cool their molded parts down so they could increase cycle times. Since this customer was unable to provide our application engineer with accurate answers to our questions when trying to determine how much cooling is needed, we were able to provide him with STREAMTEK Model VTMD-KIT (Medium Stainless Steel Vortex Tube Cooling Kit). By using the cooling kit, he was able to optimize the cold air temperatures and adjust the air demand delivered by the Vortex Tube.

Cooling an Garage Door Seal

Application: Cooling

Before exterior garage door seals can be coated with a color that will match the garage door and its trim, the initial extrusion must be cool. Our Model 7540 (Stainless Steel Vortex Tube) can speed this cooling process up! Need a more affordable solution? Take a look at our equivalent 7540-A (Anodized Aluminum Vortex Tube).

Chilling a Mandrel for Jewelry Crafting

Application: Cooling

A ring mandrel is easily one of the most useful tools for sizing, crafting and re-shaping jewelry. Each of these mandrels is designed for one or more special applications in jewelry crafting. By blowing chilled air, with a Model 7525 Vortex Tube onto the mandrel, thermal expansion of the mandrel was eliminated even as temperatures rose throughout the day.

Cooling Petrochemical Gas Samples

Application: Cooling

A petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia needed to ensure the dew point of their sampled gas was kept constant, which in turn will keep the water vapor proportion also constant. One of our many experienced application engineers (Doug) was quick to recommend a small Model 7704 Vortex Tube to cool down the gas samples before analyzing reports. Our client was able to remove the costly AC system that was currently in-place and as an added perk, the system is now much more portable due to the small size and durability of the STREAMTEK vortex tube.

Using Cold Airflow to Cool Whipped Butter Closures

Application: Cooling

Tom (our customer) is currently using a 96 cavity mold to manufacture containers for his whipped butter. The US Standards for Whipped Butter is very strict! Unfortunately during the mold process, the pivot points of the enclosure started to wrap very slightly causing a rejection rate of just over 3%. By using a Model 7515 Vortex Tube placed at each pivot point, Tom was able to eliminate the 3% reject rate. Yet another satisfied STREAMTEK customer!

Cooling Copper Wire on Heat Set Tubing

Application: Cooling

There are many types of Heat Set Tubing in the market today. All the different sizes, lengths, diameters, wall thickness, etc. can make one go bonkers. A heat set tubing manufacturer out of Taiwan contacted us with a unique problem! He was having a great deal of difficulty cooling the tube fast enough due to the heat that was being kept by the flexible copper wire that passed through the ID of the tube. After talking with our very knowledgeable Application Engineer (Jay), the Taiwan manufacturer decided to purchase (4) Model 7530 Vortex Tubes to push the cold airflow through the ID of the Heat Set tubing. Production was increased and cooling time was cut by close to 40%!

Transportation Spot-Welding

Application: Cooling

Spot Welding operations can be cooled with a low-cost affordable STREAMTEK Vortex Tube. Improve the appearance of your products and virtually eliminate secondary smooth operations. Need to easily point the cold airflow? Then combine a Model TC0SHK (Single Point Hose Kit) with your Vortex Tube.

Single Point Threaded - Metalworking

Application: Cooling

CNC Machinists know first-hand how heat build-up in threading operations will shorten tool life and cause a rough thread. This equates to increase downtime in: changing tools, lost productivity and higher overall cost in tools. By using a STREAMTEK Vortex Tube Model 7515, clean and dry sub-zero cooling will eliminate tool micro cracking, premature failure and will increase speed.