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Air Knife

The Air Knives clean, dry, and perform blow-off and cooling functions with less noise and air consumption

Vortex Tube

The Vortex Tube creates cold air for industrial spot-cooling problems—without electricity

Cabinet Cooler

The Cabinet Panel Cooler cools and purges NEMA 4, 4X, and 12 with less noise and air consumption

Air Wipe

Use the Air Wipes to clean, blow-off, dry, and cool cable, pipe, hose, and extruded shapes

Cold Air Gun

Cold Air Guns are designed to cool machining operation such as drill bits, and saw blades with clean, cold air powered entirely by compressed air

Air nozzles

Air Nozzles & Jets are designed to reduce excessive air consumption and noise levels for blow-off operations

Air conveyor

The Air Conveyors are designed to convey parts, waste, and other materials with no moving parts or electricity

Air amplifier

The Air Amplifier will exhaust, vent, dry, clean, and cool with no moving parts.

Enclosure air conditioner

An enclosure air conditioner from Streamtek cools the inside of the electrical enclosure to prevent electronic circuits from overheating

Static eliminator

Use the Static Eliminator to eliminate static electricity, dust, and reduce shock hazards in a wide range of industrial applications

Drum pump

The Reversible Drum Pump can be used to fill or empty a 55-galon drum in 90 seconds with no moving parts or electricity

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Streamtek brings you solutions for a new economy. We pride ourselves on keeping our costs low by eliminating the middle man in sales to pass on the best value to our customers. Whether you want to cool an electrical cabinet, create an air curtain (Air Knife), convey material with air (Air Conveyor), exhaust fumes (Air Amplifier), or cool a drill bit (Spot Cooling), we are here to help!

Our products will help you think green, improve your productivity, and lower your costs. We manufacture Air Knives, Air Conveyors, Air Amplifiers, Static Eliminators, Vortex Tubes, Cabinet Panel Coolers, Tool Coolers, Drum Pumps, and Air Wipes.


At Streamtek we strive to provide our clients with superior customer service and the best quality in compressed air products. We find that building long-term customer relationships based on trust and high service standards will help us better address your needs and concerns.

As our customer, you can expect to deal with carefully trained staff that have the knowledge and skills to exceed company service standards, come up with innovative solutions and provide practical advice for any of your business concerns or issues. Our staff members are always ready to help you and are available by phone or email.