Air Conveyor Advantages

The Air Conveyor is a conveying solution that uses compressed air to create an in-line vacuum system through an enclosed tubular passage. This system transports materials such as granular bulk solids, screws, bolts, nuts, ball bearings, empty bottles, and many other materials and objects.

Streamtek currently provides Threaded Air Conveyors and Non-Threaded Air Conveyors both available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Our Air Conveyors offer the following advantages:

  1. Air conveyors can handle a wide variety of materials such as sugar, flour, tobacco slice, seeds, grains, coffee, fly ash, bottles, screws, minerals and so much more.
  2. Easy to install and compact in size. Capable of vertical lift, horizontal transferring, incline/decline conveying, etc. The conveying route can be customized to your application.
  3. High conveying speeds to meet the demands of bottling machines.
  4. Minimal damage to the conveyed subject (ie. plastic bottles)
  5. Instant ON/OFF with no moving parts, no electricity or explosion hazard, maintenance free operation with capacity and flow controlled by a pressure regulator.
  6. Air Conveyors are easy to use and setup: Simply clamp a standard hose/tube to each end of the Air Conveyor to create the high airflow conveying system
  7. Longer life in harsh environments

As you can see from the list above Air Conveyors have many advantages. If your production lines use old/expensive ways to transport materials from one place to another you should consider the Streamtek Air Conveyor. With our unmatched 6 year warranty against failure and a 30 day money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong. Call us today +1-888-218-6548.

Jay Patterson
Application Engineer

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