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How to convey small pellets across a factory

A customer from the UK contacted us today with a relativity simple application requirement.  He (Ralph) needed something that could convey small desiccant beads from small plastic containers to a central storage bin 45ft away (10′ vertical / 35′ horizontal). Ralph wanted a system that would enable him to attach a 10ft flexible tube (vertical) so that his workers could easily grab the flexible tube, activate the vacuum, suck the beads out of the containers, and turn the system back off.

Using our 1-1/4″ Non-Threaded Aluminum pneumatic air conveyor, 10ft PVC Reinforced Conveying Hose and 3/8″ Manual Shut-Off valve, Ralph was able to construct a vacuum system that saved his workers HOURS of backbreaking labor carrying large bins filled with beads back to the storage bin. Another happy Streamtek customer :).


License: Creative Commons Attribution: Image by Pixabay