Air Amplifiers in Aluminum Mill Production

Our recent customer Neil from company who manufactures light gauge aluminum wanted to see the possibility of using a high-speed centrifugal blower to replace competitive compressed air nozzles at his casting mills.

The problem he had is that the metal chips being created were being blown onto the floor causing a serious safety hazard. This was not his only problem though! A significant amount of these chips were also falling back onto the aluminum sheets causing rejects by their customers.

After briefly talking with Neil about his problem, I educated him on the possible use of our Air Amplifiers versus centrifugal blower. Using a small amount of compressed air as their power source, the Air Amplifier will pull in massive volumes of air from the surrounding environment to produce high velocity and high volume outlet flows at amplification ratios up to 30:1.

Neil ended up installing two (2) 4″ Adjustable Air Amplifiers. The Streamtek Air Amplifier system saved him ~35% of compressed air costs and improved the overall quality of his aluminum products.

Got a similar problem within your plant? Contact Us and see how our compressed air-operated products can save you time & money.

Doug Sumner
Application Engineer

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