Air Curtain - Produced by Streamtek Air Knife

Amazingly Cost and Power Efficient Air Curtain Range from Streamtek

If we were to pick one thing that sets us apart from our competition, it would be an accurate understanding of what our end-customers need. For instance, our air curtain line has been developed for uses ranging from eliminating loss of air conditioned air to keeping dust and contaminants away to drying and cooling applications. With a versatile product such as this, Streamtek has been able to span out to a larger number of industry players with proven assistance.

If you carry out any of the following operations as part of your manufacturing and processing operations, the Streamtek air curtain is a prudent choice: Streamtek air curtains feature exemplary technology and engineering know-how. All these attributes ultimately translate into a reliable product that is also surprisingly maintenance-free! We offer air curtains in aluminum and stainless steel. These devices are the perfect choice for those wanting to replace their drilled pipe setup with a more energy and cost-efficient solution.
Our products such as the static eliminator can also be integrated into your operations to counter the adverse effects of static electricity. Streamtek other popular product, the drum pump, deserves special mention because it is the most efficient and power-saving device for sucking up liquid spills and waste water.

  • Food Products Drying
  • Can & Bottle Drying
  • Wine Bottle Drying
  • Belt Cleaning
  • Pre-Paint Blow off
  • Web Cleaning or Drying
  • Component or Part Cooling
  • Tote & Crate Drying
  • Environmental Separation
  • Other Custom Applications

To learn more about our products such as the static eliminator, the drum pump and the air curtain range, please visit us at We welcome the opportunity to serve you with standard or custom products that will enhance your operational excellence.

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