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At Streamtek, we are concerned about your safety. Our static eliminator range safeguards you from hazardous shocks and sparks that are generated due to static charges. These static eliminators provide superlative performance in different applications.

They effectively neutralize and restore the electrical balance in a wide range of industrial applications like cleaning dust and getting rid of fiber and other particles that stick to products.

Let’s take a look at some uses of our static eliminator range:

  • Static control on plastic surfaces: Plastic sheets and tools tend to attract a lot of dust and particles because of static cling. This leads to a blotched surface and your finished goods don’t often look new. Try using our Static Elimination Ion Bar to address this problem.
  • Static control for fiber optics: Static makes optical fiber strands go haywire making it difficult to work with them. Using our Static Elimination Ion Bar will get rid of static so the strands are well-behaved!

By using our static eliminators with different processes, you no longer have to worry about costly downtime resulting from materials tearing, curling or jamming. Our ionizing air curtain range is designed to effectively get rid of static as well as dust.

Many of our customers have been using our products such as the static eliminators, air knives and drum pump range for years without any maintenance hassles. We also pass on maximum cost benefits to our customers because we are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), so there’s no middleman involved. For more information on our static eliminator line, please visit us at