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Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioners

An enclosure air conditioner from Streamtek cools the inside of the electrical enclosure to prevent electronic circuits from overheating, thru normal environmental conditions. Use them for dependable, easy-to-maintain enclosure cooling. Why Streamtek Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioners are unique on the market? Our Air Coolers are designed to maintain the temperature inside the enclosure using a […]

Wipe Dry Clean with Streamtek Air Wipes

Have you considered a Streamtek 360 Air Wipe? Streamtek 360 Air Wipes provide a uniform 360-degree airflow ideal for cooling, blow off, cleaning, and drying of cable, wire, hose, extruded shapes, pipe, and more. There are five simple reasons why you need one. YOU HAVE OPTIONS We offer a Regular Aluminum Air Wipe and a […]

The Higher Road

Streamtek has recently encountered a situation with our competition with regards to a similar customer/client situation. Although, in a business such as ours it is bound to happen as we have clientele with similar needs, we have made our apologies.

Removing Trim with Air Conveyor

Trim removal is a key priority in cutting cost and reducing waste for printing companies and cardboard and carton manufacturers. With modern high speed printing, the amount of waste that can be produced without proper care can be quite excessive.

Perfect solution for industrial spot cooling

Industrial spot cooling Are you on a hunt for a blow-off or cooling product that is simple and safe (no dangerous gases)? Does it need to be cost-effective as well as powered entirely by compressed air. Industrial spot cooling with Vortex Tube. Vortex Tubes can meet a wide variety of industrial cooling needs. They have […]

Muffin Sugar Blow-off

Mary desperately needs to blow off excess crystallized sugar from the tops of muffins before going into the oven. The Streamtek 36″ Model AE36SPA-2 Advanced Air Knife is able to create a curtain of air onto the muffins to blow-off the excess sugar to avoid burning of the sugar!

How to remove welding fumes

How to remove welding fumes? Enclosure | Hood | Ambient | Vacuum One can use local exhaust ventilation systems to get rid of fumes and gases from a welder’s breathing area. Fume extractor guns, vacuum nozzles, and fume hoods should be kept near the plume source to reduce the amount of fumes and gases. Usually, […]

How to cool Petrochemical Gas with air flow?

How to cool Petrochemical Gas with air flow? Just a few weeks ago a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia contacted us with a problem and need to ensure the dew point of their sampled gas was kept constant, which in turn will keep the water vapor proportion also constant. We all know that The Middle […]

How to cool Garage Door seals?

How to cool Garage Door seals? With more than 20 years of experience in compress-air operated products, all our clients know that we always stand behind our products and their reliability for any kind of application that our clients come to us. We have hundreds of requests every month from clients all over the world […]

How to cool electric motors with air flow?

How to cool electric motors with air flow? Selecting the right Vortex tube size is not always the easy choice for our customers especially because its quite important to consder the application of use. Youu will not always achieve the best possible results for your application with coldest possible temperature, thats why our support engineers […]