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How to cool an electrical panel

How to Cool an Electrical panel? Cooling | Cabinet | Control | Enclosure High temperatures are often the main cause of failure or malfunction in electrical enclosures. And even if the equipment doesn’t actually malfunction, their lifespan is shortened. During the hot summer days and cold winter winds, enclosure-housed electrical devices require proper temperature control […]

How to cool a jewelry mandrel with air pressure?

How to cool a jewelry mandrel with air pressure? One of the crucial tools that every jewelry use in their work is called the mandrel. It is a cylindrical tool used to round out wire and metal and it can be made of various materials such as wood, aluminum or stainless steel and it comes […]

How to cool a camera lens with pneumatics?

How to cool a camera lens with pneumatics? One of our European customers contacted our distributor in the UK, asking about their application to monitor the flow of melted glass. As they have explained, in their application, there are few camera lenses installed with thermal insulation to measure the flow of melted glass. But because […]

Earth Day – Streamtek leads the pack!

Do you every wonder what exactly is happening behind the scenes at many of the businesses and manufactures you purchase and/or have purchased from in the past. Do they care about the environment? Do they recycle? Do they waste unnecessary wood, plastics, metals, etc.

Dry Jars before their labeling

Air Knives are often used to dry jars which are commonly used for packaging pickles, olives, etc. After the jars are washed and filled, the outside will become too wet for labels to properly adhere. In addition, moisture can also be trapped under the metal cap which may cause rusting. One of our customers who […]

Drying glass after washing

A customer (Bruce), contacted us the other day for a relatively simple but very common application involving drying glass sheets on exit of glass washing machine roller conveyors.

Dry Beer kegs prior to labeling

A recent customer (George) owns a small beer company and recently contacted us for a solution to a common problem he was facing. After his kegs were filled with beer, the condensation on kegs surface needed to be dried before the labeling process could commence. Prior to George ordering our Stainless Steel Regular Air Knives […]

Customer Relations – Streamtek

At Streamtek our mission is to provide a high quality of product at a reasonable price to our customers. We take pride in cutting out the intermediary so we can pass the savings on directly which allows us to offer prices well below our competitors.

Cost-effective, Reliable and Durable Cooling Tubes from Streamtek

Welcome to Streamtek, your trusted and most reliable source for innovative compressed air-operated products. We have have strong industry reputation and competitive advantage in the market thanks to the success of our high- end cooling tubes. This product has been used extensively for converting compressed air supply into a cold airflow in applications such as: […]

Cool Iron Castings with Adjustable Air Amplifier

Few days ago one called us a owner of company that manufacture iron castings for the automotive industry. They have a problem with certain hot parts which are slowing their production and they want to see if any of our products can remove that bottleneck. After pouring, the casting are gradually cooled by traveling along […]