Cabinet Cooler by STREAMTEK

Streamtek Cabinet Panel Coolers are an affordable, low-maintenance, and easy to install alternative for thermal management of control panels and electrical cabinets. These panel cooling systems incorporate a vortex tube to produce cold air from compressed air – with no moving parts.

Why Streamtek Cabinet Coolers are unique on the market?

They are incredibly easy to install and can be mounted on all enclosure types. Any unit can be customized to suit customer specifications.

They are are capable of stabilizing humidity that can otherwise lead to operational problems in a cabinet.

A single unit has a capacity to produce 550 – 2,800 BTU/Hr. We also offer dual cooler units with a higher cooling capacity of 3,600 – 5,600 BTU/Hr.

Stringently manufactured and rigorously tested to withstand all kinds of wet and harsh corrosive adverse work settings.

What type of Cabinet Coolers do we carry?



Have accessories

Liquids contact with the unit?

Installation manual included

Noise level

Capacity BTU/Hr

Cabinet Cooler Price

NEMA 12 (IP52)

Stainless Steel (Type 303)

Accessories Available

Not allowed



550 up to 5600

Starts at $270,00

NEMA 4/4x (IP56)

Stainless Steel (Type 303)

Accessories Available




550 up to 5600

Starts at $324,00

Applications for Cabinet Cooler

The Streamtek Cabinet Panel Cooler range has a proven track record in industrial and commercial applications ranging from cooling electronic controls, machining operations, soldered parts, gas samples, heat seals, electronic component, environmental chambers, setting hot metals and so on.

  • Cooling electronic controls
  • Cooling machining operations
  • Setting hot melts
  • Cooling soldered parts
  • Cooling gas samples
  • Electronic component cooling
  • Cooling heat seals
  • Cooling environmental chambers

Streamtek products use innovative compressed air technologies to improve productivity and increase equipment efficiency. They are great for spot cooling, conveying, and blow off. If you don’t find a solution and/or idea for your application, or if you want additional details, call our factory at 1-705-770-4455 or email an Application Engineer.

Benefits of a Cabinet Cooler

Our Cabinet Panel Coolers make innovative use of compressed air technology to help you save power and take your productivity from good to great. When you use our Cabinet Panel Coolers in spot cooling, conveying, and blow-off operations, you stand to benefit from the following advantages:

Quiet and affordable

Stainless steel construction

Fast Installation

No moving parts

No fans or filters

Stabilize temperature

Concerned about the energy costs associated with running the Streamtek Corp Panel Cooler? Consider our thermostat control kits which utilize on-off control with an adjustable thermostat & solenoid valve.

Once the desired temperature setting is reached, the thermostat will send a signal to the solenoid to close; effectively stopping the compressed air flow. Variable frequency drives in particular generate a tremendous amount of heat upon start-up, the Streamtek Corp Panel Cooler is particularly effective in this application.