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We have recently talked about using our Air Knives to remove cooking and cutting oil. We would like to offer you yet another example of the useful applications provided by our Air Knives. The following is directly from a satisfied customer who ordered our Advanced Air Knife in Nov 2009 and was happy to provide us with results of his success story.

Our customer is a manufacturer of steel girders. Steel girders, used commonly in the construction industry, are often stored outside in the yard and then transferred onto a conveyor for processing. The problem our customer was encountering was the girders, being stored outside, were often wet, covered with leaves, dirt, etc. The manufacturer wanted them cleaned prior to them entering the factory. When he contacted us he was using man power to clean the steel girders one by one, which was time consuming and
costly especially in the winter months when they were covered by ice and snow.

Our customer, after working with our application engineers, decided to install two 48″ Advanced Air Knife. He installed them on both sides of the conveyor to remove all debris. Using heated compressed air as a source of power, he was able to remove the snow and ice with ease, eliminating his main problem of the winter. Thanks to the Advanced Air Knife our buyer was able to:

  • Improve product finish after processing
  • Reduce labour cost
  • Faster processing of the steel girders

Doug Sumner
Application Engineer


License: Creative Commons Attribution: Image by Pixabay