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Compressed air cooling system


Compressed air cooling


If cold air is required for your manufacturing process, then Streamtek Vortex Tube is an ideal solution. Being powered entirely by compressed air, it also features an adjustable temperature control allowing the user to control the cold fraction. Vortex tubes operates only on a standardized supply of compressed air to produce cold air at one and, and hot air at the other.

Most common industrial manufacturing applications require cold fraction of 60-80% along with the H type generator to achieve optimum cooling efficiency (H Generator produces moderate temperature drop while maximizing BTU output). On the other hand, the C type of generator combines with the Vortex tube to produce maximum cold temperatures while sacrificing some of the BTU output. Streamtek Vortex Tubes rely on compressed air technology to increase productivity, improve equipment efficiency and produce spot cooling and enclosure cooling, blow-off and conveying.

Dissipate kinetic energy

Compressed air usually around 80 to 100 PSIG, enters a Vortex tube via ¼”  NPTM inlet and through a generator into a spin chamber, literally splitting the compressed air supply into two. A tornado like swirl of air separates into cold air and hot air due to the weight differential.  A Vortex tube also features an adjustable brass valve at the “hot” end, which controls the air flow volume and the temperature though the cold end.

How compressed air is cooled

Vortex tubes do not have any refrigerants or dangerous freon gases. It also does not require any electricity thus no shock hazard. It is a simple pneumatic device that can produce up to a ¼” ton of cooling, simply by connecting compressed air to it. Its compact size (less than 6”) makes it extremely portable. It also makes a very good spot heater when needed.

How to make compressed air cold

Vortex Tubes works on the principle of Fluid Dynamics separating compressed air into two streams. Compressed air is injected through an inlet and into an air chamber. As it enters an air generator the stream starts to swirl and accelerate at a high rate of speed. Due to our special design at the end of the tube, only the outer portion of the compressed gas is allowed to escape at that end. The remainder of the air is forced to return to inner vortex tube diameter and forced out on the opposite end as cold air..

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