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It’s true, dollar per dollar, cubic foot per cubic foot, compressed air is very expensive. What’s equally true though is that compressed air is found in over 99% of manufacturing plants, while approximately 70% of all manufacturers have a compressed air system in place. These systems power a variety of equipment, including machine tools, material handling, separation equipment and spray painting equipment.

Why is Compressed Air used by so many Manufactures? Well, compressed air can typically do the job better than any other method. The trick is to keep your compressed air supply as efficient as possible, but at the same time keeping the air usage as frugal as possible.

About eight horsepower of electricity is used to generate one horsepower of compressed air. Calculating the cost of compressed air can help you justify improvements for energy efficiency. Need help? Contact a Streamtek Application Engineer today!

Over the life of a compressor, energy costs will be five to 10 times the compressor’s purchase cost. Energy savings (optimally use Compressed Air) can rapidly recover the extra capital required to purchase an energy-efficient air compressor.

To find the annual cost of electricity used to power a compressed air system, calculate the cost for running the system under loaded and unloaded conditions.

When it comes to Streamtek, we manufacture high quality low cost products which don’t use electricity but produce a high output airflow using a minimal amount of compressed air. For example our Air Amplifiers will create output flows up to 25 times their consumption rate and our Air Knives Air consumption is just ~2.9 SCFM per inch at 80 PSIG with a 40:1 air amplification ratio for the Advanced Air Knife. If your company looking for products which are both energy efficient and provide a high output airflow for conveying, drying, cleaning your materials/products; Streamtek is here to help!