Use Streamtek Air Conveyor to remove and convey scrap metal from your CNC machine production line

Convey scrap metal

Philip has a full fledged CNC Machine Shop in Denver, Colorado. Each week his shop generates 10-15 drums of aluminum shavings/chips; not the long ‘stringy’ type. These shavings/chips are constantly being hand bombed into a main holding container in the back of the shop.

Using the Streamtek Corp 2-1/2″ Threaded Stainless Steel Air Conveyor, Philip was able to construct a conveying system using standard 2.5″ Metal Pipe which incorporated a 15′ vertical lift & 35′ horizontal that went back to the holding container. As the shavings left the CNC/Late, the shavings were funneled into the Air Conveying system.

Philip made certain to install a Streamtek Corp Auto Drain Filter Separator to ensure the Air Conveyor received a clean dry source of compressed air. The Filter Separator will stop contaminates from entering the air conveyor and gradually clogging it up, resulting in poor performance.

Another customer satisfied with Streamtek Corp “built to last” product.

Doug Sumner
Application Engineer

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