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Conveyor belt cleaner system

Conveyor belt cleaner


Do you have a problem keeping your belt conveyor operating smoothly? Is the carryback causing your conveyor system to jam? Are you looking to dry parts on the conveyor while keeping your rollers rotating smoothly? Well look no further, because we have a perfect solution for you.

How to clean a conveyor belt.

Our Conveyor Belt Cleaner system was designed to eliminate the main issues that have plagued the belt conveyor industry for decades. Our Conveyor Belt Cleaner mounts in minutes over the top, side or bottom of any belt conveyor system. With stock sizes ranging from 2” to 54” we are sure to have a size for your conveyor regardless of width.

How to clean a conveyor belt

Conveyor belt cleaner installation

Forget about using expensive and maintenance heavy electrically powered air blowers. Our Conveyor Belt Cleaner cleans the conveyor belt by utilizing only compressed air. Streamtek Conveyor Belt Cleaner multiplies the air 40 times and forces it out along the front face through a tiny gap (.002”). This creates a razor like air curtain that is ideal for scraping dirt, drying parts and keeping the conveyor belt operating smoothly. Since no electricity is required there is no potential for shock hazard or costly breakdowns.

Application for Conveyor belt cleaners

Recently we were approached by a blubbery farm with a very specific task in mind. Dry the blueberries while travelling on a belt conveyor prior to packaging, to eliminate molding while in transport. Our Application Engineer was quickly able to make a recommendation based on the client requirements. By adding 2 of our Model: AE12SPA Advanced Air Knives, we were able to provide two solutions. Dry the blueberries by mounting and Conveyor Belt Cleaner on top and prevent any carryback by adding a Conveyor Belt Cleaner at the bottom.

Conveyor Belt Cleaning System

Conveyor belt cleaning system

To keep belts clean, use Streamtek’s top quality pneumatic belt cleaners as they not only eliminate carryback but also increase productivity and safety of the conveyor systems. Our pneumatic belt cleaners that are compatible with all belt speeds. What’s more, our conveyor system cleaner has a wide range of use in unique and harsh environments. Our aluminum air knives are made to operate in normal environments while our stainless-steel air knives are designed for high temperature, food grade and corrosive environments.

Application Variation

If the belt still has carryback after mounting the Conveyor Belt Cleaner and heavy-duty belt scraping is required for sticky debris, we can add additional shims to increase the gap and double the scraping force. Our conveyor belt air knives are made to operate from 10 psi to 250 PSI. This means that by adding a pressure regulator air force can change from a breeze to a blast. This makes it ideal for a wide range of conveyor belt cleaning applications.


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