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Now that Spring is upon us and temperatures are slowly starting to rise, you may be noticing that the temperatures within your control panel(s) have started to rise ever so slightly. The Streamtek Cabinet Panel Cooler is a low cost affordable solution to keep these temperatures at bay!

Streamtek Cabinet Panel Coolers incorporate a stainless steel vortex tube to produce cold air from ordinary compressed air supply (with no moving parts). They can be installed through a regular electrical knockout and are available in many cooling capacities for small & large control panels.

The Streamtek Panel Cooler is by far the most affordable compressed air operated electronic control panel cooler on the market. Here is a quick n’ dirty comparison!

Company A
$360.00 (2,800 BTU/Hr.) – NEMA 4/12 Stainless Steel – Includes Ducting Kit

Company E
$353.00 (2,800 BTU/Hr.) – NEMA 4/12 Aluminum – Unit Only

Company N
$300.00 (2,800 BTU/Hr.) – NEMA 4/4X Stainless Steel – Unit Only

$270.00* (2,800 BTU/Hr.) – NEMA 4/4X Stainless Steel – Unit Only
* Money a bit tight? No problem! Find us on eBay and give us an offer.

Already using a competitive Panel Cooler and are reluctant to try the Streamtek Cabinet Panel Cooler because you’ve never heard of us? Fax us a receipt/invoice of a competitive unit you have in-hand and a Streamtek representative will setup an account for your company to instantly receive 25% OFF our entire line of vortex cooling products For LIFE. That’s right! A 2,800 BTU/Hr. NEMA 4/4X Stainless Steel cooler for just $202.50/ea.

Streamtek is here to really change how things are run in this industry. You want to pay top buck for a brand name cooler of often lower quality? By all means, go right ahead. OR do you want the guaranteed best price (the first time) for an often better quality product?

Think Streamtek next time you use compressed air. Take care of yourself n’ Good Day!!

Doug Sumner
Application Engineer