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Few days ago one called us a owner of company that manufacture iron castings for the automotive industry. They have a problem with certain hot parts which are slowing their production and they want to see if any of our products can remove that bottleneck. After pouring, the casting are gradually cooled by traveling along a 80 m long transport conveyor. At the end of transport conveyor there is a shaking conveyor which breaks the sand mold so the castings can be removed.

They have one employ who picks up the parts with special gloves and grind the rough edges, but because some castings do not make good crankshafts and shaft parts retain a lot of heat it is too dangerous for worker too handle them. In these cases worker needs to wait 15-20 minutes for them too cool.

Our engineer suggest them to order the right size Adjustable Air Amplifier and install him when it arrives. After 2 days he called us again and told us that 4″ Stainless Steel Adjustable Air Amplifier they ordered rapidly cooled the parts without shocking them. They installed Air Amplifier over the shake-out conveyor and they didn’t noticed any cracks in parts after they are rapidly cooled, which was one of things they was afraid of.

Now when the parts rich the end of transport conveyor the worker can proceed the parts immediately without any need to wait them too cool-off.


License: Creative Commons Attribution: Image by Pixabay