Streamtek Cabinet Panel Cooler

Cooling Tube – The Perfect Cooling Solution from Streamtek Corp

Would you like to convert the compressed air supply at your cabinet enclosure chambers into cold and clean airflow? Are you in search for a solution that effectively fulfill your industrial spot cooling and process cooling needs? If then, a right product is with us, Streamtek Corp, for producing cold air from compressed airflow. Cooling tube is one of the flagship products of Streamtek Corp that made us gain enormous customer base across various industrial sectors.

Streamtek Corp – Among the leading and the best

We possess excellent and skilled team of professionals, engineers and technicians who pay great attention to customers’ requirements and deliver quality products beyond their expectations. We have implemented industry-best production practices and manufacturing techniques to provide cost-effective and easy-to-install cooling solutions.

We keep enormous inventory of cooling tubes such as vortex tubes, cabinet coolers and tool coolers. All these categories are available for immediate shipping.

Explore Streamtek Corp exclusive products range

Streamtek Corp vortex tubes are precision engineered to withstand harsh and critical industrial environments. Since they are made using superior and strong stainless steel material, they offer reliable performance in corrosion prone industrial situations. We take custom orders to design specialized and unique vortex tubes in a wide range of length, breadth and dimension.

Cabinet Panel Cooler helps cooling cabinet enclosures

Our cabinet coolers are effective for maintaining cool and steady temperature in electronic control panel cabinets. Streamtek Corp cabinet panel coolers serve broad industrial sectors including fabrication and metalworking, electronics and telecommunication, chemical processing plants, food and beverage and machining centers.

Our tool coolers are effectual for producing clean and cold airflow approximately 50°F (28°C) below compressed air supply temperature.

All these versions of Streamtek Corp cooling tube are tested comprehensively to ensure their quality and standard. We stand committed and dedicated to serve our customers better; hence we will not ship compressed air operated products that lack intended quality and standard.

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