Dry and Cool glassine paper with Air Knife

Our another customer produce the glassine paper which is frequently used as an interleaving paper in bookbinding, especially for illustrations. The problem they are facing with is that the paper has to be cooled and dried after printing and prior of the storage on a roll. This material is very delicate and workers need to pay a lot of attention so its not damaged prior his cooling, drying and storage.

They decided to install our 48″ (1219mm) Advanced Air Knife across the material prior to roll cools and dries the paper. Thanks to possibility of adjustment of our Air Knives workers can adjust/setup the right air flow so they don’t cause any damage on paper.

By the word from customer installation was very easy and material of construction is very quality (they have order Stainless Steel Air Knife). Thanks to multiple 1/4-20 mounting holes which are located on rear you don’t have to dismantle Air Knife. If you need Air Knife for any other purposes our Air Knives also support compressed Air Pipe.

Thanks to Streamtek Corp Advanced Stainless Steel Air Knife our customer made to Improve quality of his products, reduce amount of rejected material and in same time increase productivity. If you have same or similar problems in you factory go here for more Air Knives information’s or go directly to Air Knife Buy Now page and order one of our Advanced Air Knives.

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