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A recent customer (George) owns a small beer company and recently contacted us for a solution to a common problem he was facing.

After his kegs were filled with beer, the condensation on kegs surface needed to be dried before the labeling process could commence. Prior to George ordering our Stainless Steel Regular Air Knives his company did not have any process in place which dried their kegs in an efficient manner. Instead they had a long conveyor in which they waited for the condensation to dry as the kegs full of beer were being transported to the final labeling station. This proved to be extremely time consuming and in most cases resulted in a very spotty keg surface.

George decided to order (2) Stainless Steel Regular Air Knives which he installed on each side of the transport conveyor. The two Air Knives were each able to blast a completely uniform sheet of airflow onto each side of the kegs surface. This resulted in not only improved drying and labeling, but George was able to shorten the length of the transport conveyor and free up a considerable amount of space within the factory.

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Jay Patterson

Application Engineer


License: Creative Commons Attribution: Image by Pixabay