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Air Knives are often used to dry jars which are commonly used for packaging pickles, olives, etc. After the jars are washed and filled, the outside will become too wet for labels to properly adhere. In addition, moisture can also be trapped under the metal cap which may cause rusting.

One of our customers who packages Olives and was experiencing this very problem. I suggested that he install a couple of our Advanced Stainless Steel Air Knives. The customer (Phil) ended up installing two Streamtek Air Knives (one on each side of the conveyor).

Previous to installing our compressed air-operated Air Knives, Phil was using a painfully slow method to dry his jars….ELECTRIC FANS!! The amount of $$$ Phil is going to save will be tremendous. Why? The Streamtek Air Knife does not use electricity, will NEVER fail and has no moving parts. The same can’t be said for his old fans…

Thanks to the Streamtek Air knife Phil was able to improve drying, enhance appearance, remove jars that was rejected, lower operating costs and overall increase customer satisfaction and all with our low cost solution Streamtek “Advanced Air Knife“.

Doug Sumner
Application Engineer


License: Creative Commons Attribution: Image by Pixabay