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Do you every wonder what exactly is happening behind the scenes at many of the businesses and manufactures you purchase and/or have purchased from in the past. Do they care about the environment? Do they recycle? Do they waste unnecessary wood, plastics, metals, etc.

Below is just a few things Streamtek has done to be more environmentally friendly!


  • – 100% of invoices are electronically sent
  • – Incentive awards are given to employees that do not bring their car to work>
  • – All monitors & TV’s are Energy Star Rated
  • – The thermostat at our corporate office can be remotely throttled by Power Stream (Hydro Company) when summer demands reach critical levels.
  • – All scrap metal that is produced is taken to the local recycling plant in an environmentally friendly truck

Streamtek cares about the environment and you should too! So please, next time you print a piece of paper or throw your can of soda in the environment; please remember we ALL need to pitch in.

** To learn more about Earth Day visit Earth Day – Wikipedia.

Gin Griffin
Customers Relations Manager