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Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioners

An enclosure air conditioner from Streamtek cools the inside of the electrical enclosure to prevent electronic circuits from overheating, thru normal environmental conditions. Use them for dependable, easy-to-maintain enclosure cooling.

Why Streamtek Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioners are unique on the market?

Our Air Coolers are designed to maintain the temperature inside the enclosure using a pneumatic heat exchanger, ensuring a contaminant-free environment and protecting electrical/electronic components from overheating. Monitored and controlled by an external Thermostat and that initials an inline Solenoid to deploy airflow when needed. An ultra-smart, efficient closed loop monitoring to ensure the temperature of your electronics within the Electrical Enclosures.

What type of Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioners do we carry?



Capacity BTU/Hr

Noise level

NEMA 12 (IP52)

Stainless Steel (Type 303)

Dust and Dirt

550 up to 5600


NEMA 4/4x (IP56)

Stainless Steel (Type 303)


550 up to 5600


Where to Install an Electrical Panel Air Conditioner on:

Cooling Charts

NEMA 4/4X (IP56) – Designed for Electronic Control Panels – Splash resistant, oil-tight, and dust-tight for use in wash down environments as well as outdoor use. When the Vortex Tube Panel Cooler is not operating, a low pressure relief valve closes and seals to maintain the integrity of your NEMA 4 cabinet enclosure. It is constructed of Stainless Steel (Type 303) for long life in wet environments.

NEMA 12 (IP52) – Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioners (oil-tight, dust-tight) are used in industrial environments where no liquids can come into contact with the unit. It is constructed of Stainless Steel (Type 303) to withstand harsh corrosive environments.

Model No. Capacity Btu/hr. Capacity Kcal/hr. Air Consumption SCFM @ 80 PSI Air Consumption SLPM @ 5.5 Bar Sound Level
CC1208-1 550 139 8 226 67*
CC1215-1 1,100 277 15 425 73*
CC1225-1 1,800 454 25 708 74*
CC1230-1 2,060 519 30 849 74*
CC1240-1 2,800 706 40 1,132 79*
CC1250-1 3,400 857 50 1,415 74*
CC1260-1 4,000 1,007 60 1,698 76*
CC1270-1 4,800 1,209 70 1,981 76*
CC1280-1 5,600 1,411 80 2,264 77*