Experience the Advantages of Streamtek Efficient Compressed Air Cooling Systems

Over the last few years, there have been several studies and experiments conducted to find an efficient and cost-effective way for cooling compressed air in electrical and electronic enclosures and cabinets. As a result of continuous R&D conducted, an efficacious and high performing compressed air cooling method has been designed and launched in the market – the Vortex coolers. Since the maiden entry, till now, the product has been widely employed across various industrial and commercial sectors for a wide range of spot cooling and process cooling needs.

Streamtek Corp – Well established for delivering quality compressed air operated parts

Amongst the popular few names, Streamtek Corp is the most renowned and remembered name in the industry that designs, manufactures and delivers standard and customized vortex tubes. This air cooling solution from Streamtek Corp has been wisely designed and engineered using robust stainless steel material to ensure years of reliable and maintenance free operation.

Our exclusive range of cortex coolers is available in preferred shape, size, length, breadth and other dimension to meet the varying applications requirements of customers. These compressed air cooling devices play a significant role in keeping your electrical and electronic enclosure clean, cool and protected.

Streamtek Corp vortex coolers are designed for producing cool air without refrigerants and are suitable for harsh and aggressive industrial environments. They are exceptionally reliable and cost-effective of all cooling solutions available on the market today.

All our compressed air operated products have been manufactured in-house using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and leading-edge fabrication techniques. We possess a team of well-rounded engineers and other technicians who understand customers’ custom requirements and deliver solutions in par with their expectations.

Along with providing best-in-line compressed air cooling solutions, we also provide consultation services and facilitate our customers to make the right choice. We provide full assistance and help our customers make smart choices for their business depending on their specific requirements.

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