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How to cool a camera lens with pneumatics?

One of our European customers contacted our distributor in the UK, asking about their application to monitor the flow of melted glass. As they have explained, in their application, there are few camera lenses installed with thermal insulation to measure the flow of melted glass. But because melted glass temperatures are high, their camera lens temperature is increasing during operation time and becoming unfunctional because of overheating. The operating temperature of their camera lens should be around 40 ° C (104 ° F).

What their application needed and solution that will keep their camera lens cool up to that temperature. Unfortunately, they can’t use a typical refrigerant based on air would not work because of the small space and temperature cooling requirements.

After determining the necessary volume of air for each camera lens and discussing the solution options with our European customer our engineer decided to go with the more affordable Streamtek Model 7508 One-Piece Stainless Steel Vortex Tube for each camera lens. That’s right! The Streamtek Vortex Tube is a one-piece unit with no welded weak point where the cold end meets the smaller diameter hot-end tube.

Thanks to our Vortex tube, cold air will be sent directly to the camera lens, keeping it completely cold even in the hot ambient conditions. Because of this, they won’t have to make any downtimes to make their camera lens cool, and at the same time, they increased their lost productivity.

As seen through many examples we shared on our website when other options were unable to deliver desired results in cooling their application, all our clients found a perfect solution with our Vortex tube design. Thanks to a wide range of Vortex Tube for sale, we are sure you will find one for your needs

If you have the same, or similar application problems, please contact us today and share your story with us so we can help you choose the right Vortex Tube model for your application.