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How to cool a jewelry mandrel with air pressure?

One of the crucial tools that every jewelry use in their work is called the mandrel. It is a cylindrical tool used to round out wire and metal and it can be made of various materials such as wood, aluminum or stainless steel and it comes in a variety of lengths and dimensions.

In the case of our client, a ring mandrel is easily one of the most useful tools for sizing, crafting, and re-shaping jewelry. Each of these mandrels is designed for one or more specialized applications in jewelry crafting.

After a short phone call with a client, our engineer understood the problem that our client has and suggested a Vortex Tube 7525 model. Besides the one we suggested to a client, all our Vortex Tube designs are reliable, robust, and most durable among the large competition in this market. Thanks to our vortex tube, you can easily produce instant air, adjust the necessary temperature, it’s 100% maintenance-free, it requires no electricity or refrigerants, and it’s lightweight.

By blowing chilled air, with a Model 7525 Vortex Tube onto the mandrel, thermal expansion of the mandrel was eliminated even as temperatures rose throughout the day. Our 7525 Vortex Tube model, air consumption is 25 SCFM (708 SLPM), 1800 BTU/Hr. and 528 Watts / Hr. @ 6.9 BAR.

If you have a similar problem in your business or production line, you can contact us, and we will gladly help you to choose the right model for you. Keep in mind that selecting the right Vortex tube air cooler model, it’s important to consider the application you go used. To achieve the coldest possible temperature, it’s not always a solution to produce perfect results. It’s required and one of the important factors to always balance between optimal temperature and airflow.

Also, we want to note that with our Vortex Tubes, it’s possible to get a Magnetic base that helps you to easily position and fix our Streamtek Vortex Tube to the desired location for your application.