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How to cool electric motors with air flow?

Selecting the right Vortex tube size is not always the easy choice for our customers especially because its quite important to consder the application of use. Youu will not always achieve the best possible results for your application with coldest possible temperature, thats why our support engineers are here to answer your questions. You always need to keep the balance between optimal temperature and air flow, because that’s one of the most important factors. To help you easily understand other specifications click here for more ranque hilsch vortex tube information.

The similar problem also had an industry leading company manufacturer of electrically powered blower motors. Many of their customers had no choice but to enclose these blowers in enclosures in order to protect the costly blower from external elements. By installing Model 7515 (Stainless Steel Vortex Tube) directly inside the housing of the motor, heat build-up was quickly reduced and thus eliminated downtime due to past motor failure.

One of quite important factor that our Vortex Tubes have is low noise levels. Both versions, small and medium operating at aprox. 70 dB of noise, and that depends on Vortex Tube size. If you are still requireing lower noise levels, we can offer you our Cold End Muffler that can reduce the noise level by aprox. 10dB or Hot End Muffler that can reduce noise by aprox. 4dB. Both versions are avaialbel in our Accessories shop section.

If you have any questions regarding Streamtek Vortex Tubes, or just not sure which version to order, contact us today trough email available 24/7 or phone number + 1-705-770-4455.