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How to cool Petrochemical Gas with air flow?

Just a few weeks ago a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia contacted us with a problem and need to ensure the dew point of their sampled gas was kept constant, which in turn will keep the water vapor proportion also constant. We all know that The Middle East is quite well-known for Oil and Gas production, but on the other hand, they have problems with hot ambient temperature.

Due to the very high environmental conditions, they noticed that the calibration gas reading was incorrect. They hope to use a casing to protect the instrument from environmental influences and hope to use Vortex technology to cool the surrounding environment of the gas sampling instrument to help it work properly.

Like any air cooling equipment, a higher ambient temperature reduces the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system. The customer provided some detailed information they needed and based on one of many experienced application engineers from Streamtek (Doug). The first thing he needs to decide is whether they have a purge system on the hazard panel. They sent the chart settings of the panel with the Z purge system. They also showed a check valve on the cold air side to reduce the potential risk of entry.

Based on all information’s that they provided us we were able to recommend a small Model 7704 Vortex Tube to cool down the gas samples before analyzing reports. Our stainless steel Vortex tubes model is made out of stainless steel which will provide durability and ensure this setup will work for them for many years to come.

Our Vortex Tubes are made to meet all requirements in performance and functionality. Our vortex tube have great pricing,  are reliable, robust, and the most durable among many competitors on the market. The superiority of technology can be witnessed with the well-crafted engineering of our vortex tubes.

Thanks to our 7704 Vortex Tube our client was able to remove the costly AC system that was currently in place and as an added perk, the system is now much more portable due to the small size and durability of the Streamtek vortex tube.

If you have similar problems in your production line and need a similar solution, you can always contact one of our engineers at and we will find a solution for your problem.