Keep it simple, stupid!

My father always taught me to ‘Keep it simple’! Well at Streamtek we understand that customers today just want two things. Best Price for a product that will last. That’s it! It’s really pretty simple.

Weather your looking to cool an electrical enclosure, convey some bottle caps or dry a sheet of glass, we guarantee that you will not find compressed air-operated products at a better price anywhere.

So while other larger companies out there bicker between each-other to maintain market share, Streamtek continues to keep things simple. Get the end user a quality product at the lowest price. It’s not rocket science people!

P.S. Using a competitive product? We will ship you our equivalent model FREE & give you a voucher to receive 15% OFF our entire product line for LIFE. All we ask is that you ship us your old unit so that we can destroy it.

Jay Patterson
Application Engineer

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