Air Curtain: Energy Efficient, Pneumatic System

Add a touch of efficiency to all your cooling, drying, and blow-off applications with the Streamtek Air Curtain. Streamtek. offers two commercial models of high-performance, cost-effective air curtains (also referred to as an Air Knife) suited for use in both commercial and industrial applications.

Regular Air Knife
Streamtek Industrial Regular Air Knife bottom view

Do I need an Air Curtain or Air Blade ?

These two devices are essentially the same. An Air Curtain refers to an electrically powered air blower that is mounted over a door opening to create an invisible air screen. Streamtek offers two Air Curtain models for you to choose from. Click here to learn more!

What is an Air Curtain?

This is a device that produces high-velocity air stream(s) that help execute various operations. It is primarily used in cooling, drying, blow-off, or light conveying applications. It can effectively be integrated into almost any manufacturing or processing line.

Streamtek is reputed for its compressed air-powered Air Curtains that functions on the coanda effect for enhanced performance. Air Knives based on the coanda effect produce balanced airflow that stretches across the full length of the air curtain. Streamtek offers Air Knives in aluminum and stainless steel.

What is the significance of an air curtain?

There are a myriad of commercial and industrial applications that benefit from the use of an Air Curtain. It can be used in various environments where applications such as blow-off, cooling, drying, dust containment, part cleaning and air-based conveying are required. Such devices can even be specially manufactured for use in clean rooms.

An Air Curtain is more energy-efficient and saves more compressed air than conventionally-used air blower fans. Streamtek has hundreds of customers that have successfully switched in their industrial environments from their old drilled pipe setup to Air Knives with positive results.

Streamtek Regular Air Knife front view creates air curtain door

How Does an Air Curtain Work?

Streamtek Air Curtains utilize the coanda effect (wall attachment of high velocity fluid) so as to create a steady, invisible barrier of high velocity air. Thus, air motion is created around the Air Knife and ambient air is drawn in to produce a high velocity air stream. This makes our compressed air-powered Air Knives exceptionally energy-efficient air blower.

Benefits of Air Curtains

The biggest advantage of Streamtek’s Air Curtain in industrial environments is cost savings. As enterprises try to strike a balance between cost and performance, our Air Curtains have emerged as an ideal investment. Another advantage of this product is that it can be fully customized for unique configurations. These devices do not hinder the movement of personnel, vehicles, or other objects from passing from one area to another, nor is their performance hindered in such situations. Our customers also appreciate that our Air Knives do not contribute to already high shop noise levels. Other advantages include:

  • Up to 40:1 air amplification ratio
  • Reduced air consumption
  • Available in stainless steel or aluminum
  • Quick n’ easy control of force & flow
  • No moving parts
  • Rugged, compact & easy to install
  • Unlimited system lengths
  • Stocked Air Curtain
  • Extremely low operating noise levels

Air Curtain Applications

  • Food products drying

  • Can & bottle drying

  • Wine bottle drying

  • Belt cleaning

  • Pre-paint blow off

  • Web cleaning or drying

  • Component or part cooling

  • Tote & crate drying

  • Environmental separation

Custom Applications

Streamtek is the go-to firm for custom Air Curtains configurations. For instance, a single Air Curtain, or a series of Air Curtains can be used for preventing loss of conditioned air from a particular space in industrial environments. Our Air Curtain range can also be customized for unique ink drying applications, or as an insect repellant, and so on. Streamtek Air Curtains are a combination of intelligent designs and cutting-edge engineering.

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